Is it safe?

Yes! Paint-Sation is a non-toxic washable paint

Where should the play area be?

Play area: for all Arts & Crafts activities, always cover the play table or floor with a washable cover to make clean up much easier.

What makes Paint-Sation stand out from other kids paints?

Paint-Sations unique fabric and paint formula combination makes it safe and easy to use for kids. And parents love that there is No Mess!

Does it dry out?

Yes, just like any kids paint, Paint-Sation will dry out over time but, it will take longer due to the unique delivery system.

How many pictures can I paint with ONE Paint-sation pod?

One pod will paint 60+ letter size pictures. Our 5 pack Paint-sation pods will paint 250+ letter size pictures.   There is no paint waste with Paint-sation!


Does it dry out?

No, Skwooshi never dries out

Is it safe?

Yes! Skwooshi is non-toxic, gluten free, animal by-product free (CASIN Free), dairy free, pet friendly

How many colors does Skwooshi have?

Skwooshi comes in 8 great colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink and White)

Does it really stretch?

Yes! Skwooshi is the original stretchable dough

My Skwooshi is too soft, what can I do?

Skwooshi can become soft and looser in humid environments or wet or hand lotion on hands.   Take the Skwooshi and press it out flat or 24 to 48 hours (depending how soft) in a less humid environment.   Once the Skwooshi has dried out, gather into a ball and Skwooshi should be ready to go!


If I get 3D Magic Gel on my hands while creating 3D designs, how do I clean my hands ?

Simply wash with warm water and soap or use wet wipes until the 3D Gel is gone.

If I get 3D Magic Gel on my clothes, how do I get clean my clothes?

Wash you clothes in warm water with laundry detergent.

If I get 3D Magic Gel on my molds or stencils and want to remove it, what do I do?

Place your stencil or mold into the 3D maker, press the on button and wait for the lights to turn off. Now just peel off the 3D Magic Gel and your molds and stencils are clean and ready to create.

If I get 3D Magic Gel on the Carpet, fabric or hardwood floor, how do I clean it?

When doing Arts & Crafts, always cover the play area with a washable cover to protect the table or floor. Take warm water, a sponge or cloth and mild soap, dap the area gently and let dry. Repeat if necessary.

Where can I get more ideas on what to make with my 3D maker and 3D Magic Gels?

Go to our website www.3-Dmagic.com


Can you wash your iPlush?

Yes, iPlush are machine washable. iPlush has a unique kid friendly design. Simply deflate, and remove the inflatable insert/bladder. Then throw in the wash!